Paul Yuch and Taylor Black at Anaheim Angels Game

(Paul, Maddox, and Taylor at Angels game in Southern California, 2011)

Congratulations to you for landing on this page!   This business is dedicated to furthering the expansion of the human mind and to create independent thought.  ‘We are all sheep’ is too cliché however, it is right on the nose at the same time.

Currently this thought juggernaut is being managed by 2 people: Paul Yuch and Taylor Black (Only one of us is using our real name).   I wouldn’t say an awkward relationship because it was meant to be; perfect compliments at this stage in their life.  Together we can change the world and scare bears away.  Please click through to the enterprise that peaks your interest the most:

SEO Services – Organic placement of your website on the SearchEngine’s results page, this is not PPC (however, that type of service is offered)

Start (Click) Here to END Domestic Violence – Currently managed by Taylor Black and Leslie Baker

Networking the Orange County California Music Scene – Side project for connecting Bands to Venues

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